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Events that have occurred in the last 100 years give evidence that the formations evolutionists teach take millions of years to form actually form rather quickly.  Evolutionists have admitted that geologic formations and petrification of items can occur quickly, but they add that they can also take a long time too.  Where is the science for it taking millions of years?  Biblical creationists have the science because we see geologic formations made and items petrified in short time frames.  Remember, in order for something to be science it must be testable, observable and repeatable.   

Paul is holding a stingray that Steve unearthed while we were digging for fish fossils at a BLM pit near Kemmerer, Wyoming.

This was our second visit to this quarry that lies over 7,300 feet in elevation in southwest Wyoming.

What are fish doing at this elevation?



A one inch water pipe has been running for over 100 years at the park in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  The TeePee Formation continues to grow! 


Outside of Shamokin, Pennsylvania a family has soda straws growing in the ceiling of their basement level garage.  They gave us the four pictured on the right, which are on display at our conferences.


Textbooks proclaim the Bristlecone Pines are perhaps the oldest living plants in the world and that they are 4,300 years old. Think about this-if things were millions of years old, wouldn't there be living things older than the time of Noah's flood?  Here are some of the oldest living plants (trees) on earth. Above Cedar Breaks in Utah, and Great Basin in Nevada, below.


While visiting the Redwoods of northern California we found a redwood tree with an estimated age of 4,000 years old.


In May of 1980 Mt. St. Helens proved to be a great event showing the rapid formation of geologic formations that are typically taught to take millions of years to form.  The Toutle River Canyon was formed in approximately one week.  If the evolutionary scientists would not have seen this occur; they would have claimed the canyon took a long period of time to form rather than days!


At Lassen Volcanic National Park we found an interesting sign.  "Although we generally think of rocks as thousands, millions, or even billions of years old, three of the five rock specimens lying at your feet are not yet a hundred years old.  They are California's newest rocks, formed in 1915. "  Who says a rock is old?  True science shows that rocks can be formed quickly.  When someone says a rock looks old.  Why do they say that?  What makes a rock "look old"?


In an article "To Leap or Not to Leap" in the April 2006 Science News magazine it was reported that the rotation of the earth is slowing down.  "...our planet isn't turning quite as fast as it used to."  Then, that means it used to be going faster.  A billions of year old age for our planet would not be possible if the evolutionists apply uniformitarianism to the "science" which shows the slowing of the rotation of the earth.


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